Author: Harvey B. Morris

Huntsville personal injury attorneys

How much insurance is enough? In today’s world, one might say you can never have enough insurance coverage. Whether it be homeowner’s, automobile, boat, motorcycle, business, life, health, professional malpractice or any other type of insurance, carrying the maximum amount of coverage can save your financial well being in the case of an accident or […]

holiday drunk driving infographic thumb

Police departments all over Alabama are planning for a productive holiday season – stopping, testing, and arresting drivers that are over the limit. Police are ramping up the numbers of officers on the road in 67 Alabama counties, starting on Black Friday and continuing throughout the Christmas season and into the New Year. The crackdown is […]

winter driving tips

Winter driving can be daunting the first time you head into the snow. Preparing your vehicle for a winter road trip is a vital way to ensure your safety and the safety of others. Below we have compiled some great tips to give you a safe and stress-free driving experience this winter. Top 10 Winter […]

Accidents happen every day. Statistic Brain reports that 5,400,000 non-fatal car crashes take place every year, or almost 15,000 every day. Every driver needs to know what to do after a car accident, and every car should have a checklist to ensure no steps are missed following a crash. In addition, there are items every […]

Airbags are designed to protect individuals in the event of an accident, yet these devices may fail. Ten automakers have now recalled more than 33 million vehicles across the globe due to the possibility of Takata airbags in cars deploying explosively, leading to injury or death. Vehicles affected by this airbag recall were made between […]