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Warning: This article describes events that could be triggering to survivors of sexual assault.

If you have been sexually assaulted, disclosing what happened can be painful and traumatic. Talking to someone about your experience takes a lot of courage. Survivors of sexual assault are often worried about being judged or dismissed. However, what happened was not your fault, and you deserve to be heard.

At Morris, King & Hodge, P.C., we understand how a sexual assault can impact every aspect of your life, and we want to help you heal. Our Alabama sexual assault lawyers are committed to representing survivors, helping them pursue compensation, and holding perpetrators accountable.

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How Our Sexual Assault Lawyers Can Protect Your Rights

Perpetrators of sexual abuse and assault in the United States often escape prosecution and jail time, which is understandably frustrating for survivors. However, filing a personal injury lawsuit can allow you to seek compensation for medical bills, counseling, and other resources you need and deserve for your recovery.

While no amount of money can undo what happened, holding the perpetrator accountable in civil court may help you find some closure and provide for your future care.

Our knowledgeable Alabama sexual assault attorneys are ready to handle your case with compassion and dedication. We have over 50 years of experience advocating for clients across Alabama. We can investigate your case, calculate your losses, and file a personal injury lawsuit seeking the maximum compensation possible for you.

Types of Sexual Assaults

Sexual assault and abuse in Alabama can mean many things, including:

  • Rape or attempted rape
  • Statutory rape of minors
  • Unwanted or inappropriate touching
  • Unwanted sexual acts
  • Sexual acts with impaired individuals

If you are a survivor of unwanted sexual activity of any kind, speak with the authorities as soon as possible. Then contact an attorney for help pursuing a civil claim against the perpetrator.

Resources For Sexual Assault Survivors

Many resources are available to survivors of sexual assault in Alabama. You can get support from the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network (RAINN) by calling its 24/7 sexual support hotline at 1-800-656-4673. You can also speak with someone from RAINN online or use their chat system.

Sexual assault survivors can also visit a local rape crisis center in their area. The Alabama Department of Public Health provides a list of local organizations that may have an office in your county. Advocates at these centers can help you find medical treatment, counseling, and other resources.

Many sexual assaults are committed by someone the victim knows, but if you or someone you love has been assaulted by a stranger, you can use an online database to search for registered sex offenders near you.

Settings Where Sexual Assaults Can Occur

Sexual assault can happen to people of all genders, classes, races, and ages. RAINN estimates that a sexual assault occurs every 68 seconds in the United States, and one out of every six women in the U.S. has been “the victim of an attempted or completed rape.”

Unfortunately, sexual assault is common, and it can take place anywhere, including:

  • Schools – Students may be assaulted by teachers or other adults at the school or by fellow students.
  • Churches – Church leaders and other personnel may use their power and influence to prey on members of their congregation. Often, church leaders will try to cover up the abuse, such as with the recent Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) sexual abuse scandal.
  • Homes – Sexual assault is often perpetrated at home by a family member or family friend. That includes cases of marital rape by a spouse.
  • Workplaces – Managers and coworkers may use threats and intimidation to coerce an employee into performing sexual acts.
  • Rideshare vehicles – There have been numerous reports in recent years of rideshare drivers assaulting passengers.
  • College campuses – Sexual assault is a significant problem at many colleges and universities, primarily because of drinking at parties and other gatherings. It is essential to know that you cannot legally consent to sexual acts when impaired, even if you say yes. If someone has sex with you while you are impaired, that is assault, and you should contact an attorney.

Self-Care After Sexual Abuse Trauma

The healing process is different for every survivor. Remember that service providers and resources like RAINN can support you along the way. Here are some things you can do to help with your recovery after a sexual assault:

  • Physical Self-Care – Taking care of yourself physically after a sexual assault can help you fight depression and improve your mood. Eating well, getting enough sleep, and keeping to a routine can promote feelings of healthiness, strength, and energy.
  • Emotional Self-Care – Healing from emotional wounds can be even more challenging than healing from physical injuries. It is important to take care of your mental health following an assault. Seeing a therapist or trauma counselor can help you find strategies for coping with what you have been through, as can talking with other survivors in support groups. Some survivors find that journaling about their feelings or writing in a diary can be therapeutic, while others benefit from spending time outside or with friends and family. Try to continue participating in activities and hobbies you enjoy to improve your mood and well-being.

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