Morris, King & Hodge, P.C., Recognized As 2016 Best Lawyers in America

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Choose The Huntsville Alabama Attorneys Whose Ethics and Skills Have been Recognized by Their Peers

Best Lawyers in America

Best Lawyers is a widely-regarded peer-review publication for the legal profession. Three members of Morris, King & Hodge P.C. have been included in the 2016 edition of Best Lawyers in America. Harvey B. Morris has been included for Personal Injury Litigation – Plaintiffs. Joseph D. Aiello is listed for Appellate Practice and David J. Hodge is recognized for Commercial Litigation. Harvey B. Morris was also awarded Lawyer of the Year by Best Lawyers for 2016.

Each Huntsville Alabama attorney was selected for their award by his peers, based on exhaustive peer-review assessments, reflecting the high level of respect earned by that attorney. Recognition by one’s peers is considered to be the most meaningful form of praise. Each of the three attorneys is honored for his professionalism, abilities, and integrity.

When Do You Really Need To Hire A Personal Injury Attorney For Your Case?

Choosing the right PI attorney for a legal issue is a serious decision.

When someone needs to hire a personal injury lawyer, they have definitely suffered a life-changing crisis. They have been seriously injured because of another’s negligence. Justice demands that they should receive compensation for their injuries, a belief that has been a tenet of legal systems throughout history.

The Code of Hammurabi, the Bible, and Your Right to Compensation

Everyone has heard the phrase, “an eye for an eye.” This is generally interpreted as the right of a victim to receive compensation for the value of the injury. Almost 4,000 years ago, the ancient Babylonian Code of Hammurabi contained laws concerning the right of a victim to fair compensation. The Talmud, the Bible, and other religious writings include similar statements. Laws in the United States continue this ancient precept of recognizing that anyone who has been injured by another deserves compensation for their injury.

Insurance Companies Love Alabama’s Contributory Negligence Laws

Many people have successfully negotiated a claim with the insurance company for a fender-bender accident. They got one or two estimates, gave them to the adjuster and received a check in the mail. Negotiating with the insurance company for a serious personal injury is entirely different. In fact, many feel that the insurance companies have an advantage in Alabama when compared to some other states.

Alabama’s laws are very strict concerning contributory negligence and is a “pure contributory negligence” state. This means that if the injured victim was even one percent responsible for the accident, the person who was at fault for the accident cannot be held responsible. Insurance companies are well aware of this. If they have recorded or written statements from the victim, they’re good at finding something that can be interpreted as an admission of some small degree of fault.

For example, if the accident happened at night, the insurance company might try to prove that the victim was tired and not paying attention, reports a distracted driving attorney. All the insurance company needs is a way to prove that the victim was one percent responsible and they pay nothing.

When Is it Necessary to Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer?

However someone feels about the legal system, filing suit is the only legal way to pursue compensation for an injury, even though the process can be lengthy and complicated. A great many injury cases are settled before going to court, but no one can be guaranteed their own case won’t ultimately go before a judge. Below are listed a few of the circumstances that would make it beneficial to hire a Huntsville Alabama attorney at Morris, King & Hodge, P.C..

  • The Case is Too Complicated
    A personal injury case involves both legal and medical issues and, possibly, numerous defendants. An attorney has a staff to assist in keeping on top of it all while it can easily become too much for one person to handle. It is best to hire an auto injury lawyer early in the case for an automobile accident Huntsville.
  • The Insurance Company Denied that Their Client was Responsible
    When the insurance companies deny any liability, it’s definitely time to get a lawyer on your side. The insurance company will not be easily persuaded to change their stance.
  • The Insurance Company Claims that This Accident is not Covered
    Even if it seems clear that the policy should cover this accident, the insurance company is obviously interpreting it differently. This is a legal issue.
  • Some Governmental Entity is Claiming Immunity
    There are specific laws that govern when and how a government can be sued. When threatened with a lawsuit, the first response of government officials is often a claim of immunity. This may also be their second, third, and subsequent responses. City, state, and federal governments have all been sued successfully, but it won’t be an easy victory.
  • There is a Complicated Legal Issue
    Some cases create precedents when the court clarifies a complicated legal issue. Legal representation is definitely needed.

Morris, King & Hodge P.C., in Huntsville, AL, includes three members of the firm who have been recognized by Super Lawyers and Best Lawyers in America. Consider how an attorney is regarded by other attorneys when choosing an attorney for your own case. Their skills and ethics can only be of benefit. Call now for a free consultation.

Since 1966, our lawyers have been standing up for injured victims and taking cases to court in North Alabama and all across the state. If you’re hurt in an accident, you want to be sure that you have the most qualified injury & accident lawyers representing you with a proven track record representing injured victims in the courts.