Duane Hill
Duane Hill
Joe King and Dianna Della-Calce were awesome to work with after my motorcycle accident. They were in regular communications with me during the entire process and took a significant burden off my shoulders. I would highly recommend Joe King to anyone looking for a personal injury attorney.
Karen Simmons
Karen Simmons
Mr King has been very supportive and helpful and has done a superior job. Very friendly staff and Debbie was awesome and always taking our phone calls and providing us with updates.
Craig F. Simmons
Craig F. Simmons
Great service and 100% satisfied with everything. Very caring on what your problems are and helps to solve them. Highly recommend them.
Kenneth Esch
Kenneth Esch
He is the man with a plan and his team is the best to work with. Will not be looking for a new lawyer any time soon. Highly recommended.
Reta McKannan
Reta McKannan
Highly talented and caring attorneys
Mike Hill
Mike Hill
He is a awesome attorney I recommend him 100% he got me paid and my hospital bills dropped to nothing thanks Joe
Cathy Wilhite
Cathy Wilhite
Mr. King came highly recommended to me thru a friend. He and his staff were very professional and attentive in the care of my case, while maintaining open communication with me. I spoke with either him or his staff on a regular basis during the entire process. There are no words to express my gratitude for all the kindness and care, Mr.King and his staff took with my case. This settlement will be a life changing event for my husband and me.
donald esslinger
donald esslinger
David hodge is the best in the business

Your Huntsville Car Accident Checklist is Now Ready to Download...

Car Accidents in AlabamaHuntsville Car Accident Checklist can happen to anyone, at anytime. This checklist is designed to help you prepare in case this type of tragic event happens to you.

In the glove box of your car, you should have your registration and auto insurance information. We suggest that you keep a copy of our Car Accident Checklist as well. This checklist can serve as a useful reference guide and help you to get through the immediate and long-term aftermath of a crash. Please feel free to download a copy and send this link to family and friends.

For more information on what you can do after a car accident in Huntsville or elsewhere in North Alabama, please feel free to call Morris, King & Hodge, P.C., at (256) 274-8130 or (888) 445-5585 or submit our online contact form. We would be glad to provide you with a free consultation about your car accident case.

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Joe King represented me with an insurance company following a car accident. He help navigate the long paperwork process and resolved the case for me. All the staff I dealt with by phone and in-person were very patient in explaining the information and helping me understand what I needed to know.

P.S. We also became very good friends and that has proven to me that they personally care about your well-being.

- Jill Gardner

Prepare For An Accident Before It Happens

Always keep certain documents on hand for easy access following an auto accident. The vehicle registration and auto insurance information need to be in a car at all times, possibly in the glove compartment. This is a good place to keep the checklist also, so all documents are together. It is best to have an emergency kit in the car as well, and this kit needs to contain items such as:

  • flashlight
  • blanket
  • bottled water
  • first aid kit
  • camera
  • jumper cables
  • spare tire
  • jack
  • lug wrench
front of the checklist
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Car Escape ToolOther items you may wish to include in an emergency kit include a fire extinguisher and a vehicle escape tool. The fire extinguisher is essential if the vehicle catches fire as a result of the accident, while the vehicle escape tool allows one to slice through a seat belt and break a window if they are submerged in water. Look for a tool that can be clipped to the visor for easy access. A whistle should be in the car so drivers can alert others if they go off the road. A pencil and paper are helpful following an accident as well to document any information.

After An Auto Accident Occurs

Step 1

Two cars crashedWhen an accident does take place, you need to secure the area to prevent additional injuries. Set out flares to alert others to the incident and contact the proper authorities, regardless of the severity of the accident. If possible, move the vehicles out of the roadway and speak to the other parties involved to determine if they are hurt. Exchange pertinent information, such as names, addresses, insurance information, driver’s license numbers, the make and model of all vehicles involved, and registration information.

Step 2

Two cars crashedCare must be taken when exchanging information with other parties. Never provide more than your legal name, vehicle make and model, driver’s license, registration and insurance information, as a driver can never know if the other parties involved will misuse the information. Do not let anyone make copies of your driver’s license, vehicle registration, or other documents, and never let these items be photographed. Always take steps to protect your identity, even after an accident.

Step 3

crashed vehicleIf anyone witnessed the accident, be sure to obtain their contact information. Do not discuss the accident with anyone present, as things said now could be used in the future. Wait until the police arrive and explain what happened to them. Document the accident in photos while waiting for the police. Take pictures of all vehicles involved and, when possible, documenting the license plates of the vehicles involved and any damage sustained. It is best to take pictures of the entire car for each vehicle involved, including any areas that sustained no damage, as this can help when an attorney is recreating the accident.

Step 4

Two cars crashedRecord additional information concerning the accident, adding as many details as possible. This includes weather conditions, factors which may have contributed to the accident, and the speed of the vehicles involved. Take photos of skid marks, accident debris, road signs and more. It is always best to have an abundance of information rather than a deficit. Finally, have the vehicle towed and see a doctor if needed.

Step 5

Insurance claim formSpeak to the insurance companies to report the accident and provide details. Obtain a copy of the accident report from law enforcement to assist in preparing a case, and follow all instructions of the incurance carrier. Next, get a rental car and begin searching for a new vehicle. While moving through the process of speaking to insurance companies, seeking medical care and talking to law enforcement and other entities, document everything that takes place. Doing so helps to ensure all steps are carried out properly and one receives compensation for any expenses that arise as a result of the accident.

Step 6

attorney Joe KingDocumentation is critical at this time for a number of reasons. It ensures facts are not lost with time; as they are recorded before this happens. It also helps ensure stories do not change as time passes and that memories can be refreshed at a later date. Do not hesitate to seek legal advice following the accident, as attorneys understand what needs to be done in this situation and can provide advice on all matters related to a car accident. Many drivers find they receive peace of mind just by speaking to a lawyer, while others wish to retain one to represent them. This is a personal choice, but it is one thing every driver should think about.

“So grateful for Mr. Joe King and his staff for taking care of my cousin's family members after his tragic death. He left behind a wife and two young autistic boys. From the first visit, I found Mr.King to be personable, knowledgeable and very thorough in both Alabama and Tennessee law. He genuinely cares about the two little boys he is representing in this case. The boys could not have found a better voice on their behalf! The staff is also amazing and go out of their way to ensure your questions are answered, your phone calls are returned, and that you know you matter to them. I would highly recommend this firm and specifically, Mr. Joe King to serve as your legal representative. He will spare no expense to ensure that you receive the best possible outcome.”

- Michelle Williams

Every driver must know what to do after a car accident.

Regardless of how safe you are behind the wheel, you cannot control the actions of other drivers. Any time a person is injured in an accident, he or she should speak to a car accident lawyer to obtain solid legal advice. Doing so helps to protect them in the event a suit is filed or compensation is desired for one's injuries or pain and suffering. A car wreck attorney works to protect the rights of their client and will ensure fair treatment is received.

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