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Trucker Shortage

Current Truck Driver Shortage Statistics

Industry experts estimate 60,000 drivers are needed immediately. Broader estimates say there is a shortage of 100,000 drivers.
In 2017, the turnover for the trucking industry was 87%.
If trends remain the same, there will be a shortage of 175,000 drivers by 2026.

Reasons for the Truck Driver Shortage

Long Hours Despite regulation, truck driving still requires challenging hours.
Low Wages Due to higher gas prices and industry changes, many older drivers are making less than when they started.
Regulations Rules on for how long truck drivers are allowed to work in a given week are cumbersome and stressful.
Age Younger generations are less likely to apply or work in the industry, even as retiring drivers leave many positions open.
Occupational Hazards The vast majority of truck driving assignments are no more dangerous than regular driving. However, some deliveries involve hazardous material or difficult logistics.

Effects of Truck Driver Shortage on Traffic Safety

Inexperienced Drivers Very young drivers are being hired, causing an increased risk of accidents.
Unqualified Drivers With a shrinking driver pool for trucking companies to choose from, drivers with problematic driving records may find work.
Longer Shifts Fewer workers and longer hours lead to risky or inattentive driving.