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If you have been left paralyzed as a result of someone else’s negligence, you deserve an attorney who will guide you through your legal options and pursue the total compensation you need to live the fullest life possible.

For over 50 years, the law firm of Morris, King & Hodge, P.C. has supported injured people in Huntsville and throughout North Alabama, relentlessly pursuing fair compensation to pay for their medical bills, offset their lost income, and reimburse them for the chronic pain and suffering they endure due to catastrophic injuries.

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Types of Paralysis

Paralysis is a catastrophic injury involving the loss of motor function and sensation, often due to physical trauma that causes nerve damage in the central nervous system. Some types of paralysis are more severe than others depending on where the injury occurs, and different types can also affect different body parts or regions.

These are the most common paralysis types:

  • Monoplegia, which affects a single arm or leg
  • Hemiplegia, which affects an arm and leg on the same side of the body
  • Paraplegia, which is the loss of movement and sensation in the lower half of the body
  • Quadriplegia, also called tetraplegia, which is the loss of movement and sensation in all four limbs

Paralysis injuries can be either complete or incomplete. With an incomplete paralysis injury, some motor function and sensation remain in the affected parts of the body. A complete paralysis injury means there is no function or feeling in the impacted limbs.

Common Causes of Paralysis Injuries in Huntsville

Spinal cord injuries and traumatic brain injuries (TBI) are among the most common forms of trauma that cause paralysis. While not every SCI or TBI results in paralysis, in some cases, severe damage can interrupt or halt the brain’s ability to communicate with other body parts.

Some of the most common causes of paralysis include:

Impacts of Paralysis on a Person’s Life

Paralysis is a life-altering condition that affects every aspect of a patient’s life. Among its most significant impacts are:

  • Loss of independence – The physical limitations that result from paralysis mean a patient will usually need assistance with personal care tasks, mobility, and their daily routine.
  • Physical complications – Paralysis increases the risk of serious medical issues such as bedsores, infections, bladder and bowel issues, and even respiratory problems.
  • Mental health challenges – People with paralysis often face depression, anxiety, grief, and loss of self-confidence and identity. They might also feel withdrawn or isolated in their social life and personal relationships with family members and friends.
  • Financial losses – The cost of medical bills, rehabilitation, assistive devices, and home alterations related to paralysis add up quickly.
  • Education and career-related losses – Paralysis often affects people’s ability to continue their chosen career or educational path. They might need special accommodations or a transition to another line of work. The most severe cases prevent patients from working at all.

Potential Compensation Available for People with Paralysis

If you or someone you love has become paralyzed because of the legal fault of another party, the law gives you an avenue to seek compensation for the many consequences of the condition. Compensation can account for both:

  • Economic damages – These damages cover financial costs associated with an injury, including medical treatment and rehabilitation bills, personal assistance, lost wages, loss of earning capacity, and repairs and modifications to your home, vehicle, and personal property.
  • Non-economic damages – Courts can award non-economic damages for losses that don’t have a specific price tied to them but which impact your quality of life nonetheless. You can pursue compensation for emotional trauma, pain and suffering, lost enjoyment of life, disfigurement, and loss of consortium (spousal companionship).

Our lawyers are ready to calculate how much compensation you could be entitled to based on the severity of your injuries, their long-term consequences on your life, and the extent of the at-fault party’s insurance coverage and financial resources.

Time Limits for Filing a Paralysis Injury Claim in Huntsville

According to Section 6-2-38 of the Code of Alabama, you have two years from the accident date to file a personal injury lawsuit against the responsible party. If you file after the deadline, the court will almost certainly dismiss your case, and you’ll lose your right to demand compensation for your paralysis injury.

Building a legal case takes time. We encourage you to contact an experienced attorney from our law firm as soon as possible after the accident to protect your rights.

The Role of a Huntsville Paralysis Injury Lawyer

Our Huntsville Personal injury lawyers and their staff play a critical role in fighting for individuals who’ve been paralyzed by others. Choose a legal team that can help you through every stage of the legal process, including:

  • Evaluating your case
  • Calculating how much compensation is available to you
  • Gathering evidence to prove the facts of the case
  • Consulting with subject matter experts to prepare an informed case
  • Filing insurance claims and drafting demand letters
  • Negotiating for a fair settlement from the insurance company
  • Representing you during mediation or in the courtroom, if either becomes necessary

Get Help from Our Huntsville Personal Injury Lawyers

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