Huntsville Jackknife Truck Accident Lawyer

When a semi truck’s trailer swings wide toward the truck cab in an accident, it can strike other vehicles or obstruct their safe passage by blocking multiple lanes, potentially causing catastrophic injuries in collisions. Drivers and passengers injured in Huntsville jackknife accidents frequently encounter significant legal hurdles when they pursue fair compensation for their injuries, as trucking companies and insurers have large, powerful legal teams to shield them from liability.

You need to even the playing field. If you sustained injuries in a jackknife truck accident in the Huntsville area, the law firm of Morris, King & Hodge, P.C., can help. Our Huntsville jackknife accident lawyers understand the subtle legal nuances that make or break these cases, and we can handle all the legal details while you rest and heal. You need our experienced, dedicated jackknife accident attorneys to protect your rights and aid your pursuit of maximum compensation.

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Benefits of Choosing Us as Your Jackknife Accident Lawyer

The key to winning a jackknife accident case is to hire the right attorney to manage your case and fight for your best interests. Here’s what the Huntsville jackknife accident lawyers from Morris, King & Hodge, P.C., bring to the table:

  • Nearly 60 years of legal representation – Our firm has represented injured people in the Huntsville area since 1966. In that time, we’ve handled numerous cases, giving us unmatched knowledge and experience with personal injury law. We know the relevant laws in these cases and how to build a solid strategy to help you claim fair compensation for your injuries.
  • Proven results – We’ve recovered over $125.5 million in settlements and verdicts for our clients. These results demonstrate our commitment to helping our clients find justice and our skill in handling the intricate procedures of personal injury cases.
  • Aggressive, personalized representation – We’re not a “one-size-fits-all” law firm. Every case has unique elements, and we tailor our strategies to each client’s specific needs and circumstances. Moreover, we prepare every case like it is headed for trial so the insurance companies know we’re not afraid to aggressively advocate for you.

Understanding the Causes of Truck Jackknifing in Huntsville

It’s crucial to understand that most truck jackknife accidents happen because the semi-truck driver or someone else acted negligently. In other words, they failed to take reasonable precautions to avoid causing a crash, leaving them liable for any injuries their actions caused.

Some common examples of negligence that cause jackknife crashes include:

  • Improper braking – Abrupt braking maneuvers can cause a truck’s trailer to swing out, especially on slippery roads or if the truck’s brakes are improperly maintained.
  • Speeding—Driving too fast for the road conditions can cause the truck driver to lose control over the trailer, particularly in curves or wet weather.
  • Cargo imbalance – Improperly loaded or uneven cargo can destabilize a truck’s trailer, making it swing unpredictably, especially while braking.
  • Driver fatigue and inexperience – Lack of rest or insufficient experience can lead to poor decision-making and handling errors, increasing the risk of an accident.

Exploring How Trucker Negligence Leads to Jackknife Wrecks

In most jackknife truck accidents, the truck driver is one of the liable parties. Truck drivers control these large, heavy vehicles and are responsible for taking reasonable steps to prevent a crash. When truck drivers don’t take safety seriously and act negligently behind the wheel, the results are often catastrophic.

For example, speeding is a typical example of truck driver negligence that can cause a jackknife truck accident. The faster a truck moves, the more time and space the driver needs to safely slow down and stop. If a trucker slams on the brakes to avoid a crash because they are speeding, the truck’s trailer is more likely to swing wide and cause a jackknife accident. That is just one way that truck driver negligence can lead to a jackknife collision.

Common Injuries Caused by Jackknife Truck Accidents

Jackknife accidents in the Huntsville area often cause painful, debilitating injuries — and even fatalities — especially for the occupants of smaller vehicles. Examples of potential injuries from jackknifing crashes include:

  • Whiplash
  • Concussions and other traumatic brain injuries (TBI)
  • Broken bones
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Lacerations and bruises
  • Internal bleeding
  • Organ damage
  • Burns
  • Amputations
  • Psychological injuries such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

Identifying Negligent Parties Liable for Jackknife Truck Accidents in Huntsville

While it’s vital to examine the truck driver’s actions in a jackknife truck crash, other parties may have also contributed to the accident. If so, they must be held accountable for causing your injuries. Our jackknife accident attorneys can help you identify all the liable parties in your case, in addition to the truck driver. Potentially liable parties may include:

  • Trucking company – Often, the company that owns a truck is liable for accidents due to inadequate training, failure to maintain vehicles, or pushing drivers to ignore safety regulations. If the trucker was an employee – not an independent contractor – the employer would be vicariously liable for the driver’s negligent actions.
  • Cargo loaders – If a jackknife accident resulted from improperly loaded or poorly secured cargo, the party responsible for loading the truck could be liable.
  • Maintenance providers – Faulty maintenance or failure to identify and fix issues with the truck can lead to liability for maintenance or repair companies.
  • Truck manufacturer – If a mechanical failure contributed to the accident, the manufacturer of the truck or its components might be liable for designing or manufacturing defective products.

Potential Damages in Jackknife Truck Accident Claims

One vital reason to hire our lawyers after a jackknife accident is to make sure you fully understand your losses and can maximize your potential compensation. Our legal team can assist you in seeking compensation for the full extent of your losses from a jackknife crash, including money for:

  • Your past and future medical expenses related to the accident
  • Your lost wages and reduced future earnings due to your injuries
  • Your pain and suffering
  • Your diminished quality of life due to your injuries or a disability
  • Your damaged personal property

Seeking Legal Assistance After a Jackknife Truck Accident

Alabama Code § 6-2-38 says you typically have two years from the date of a jackknife accident to file a personal injury lawsuit. It’s essential to seek legal assistance as soon as possible so your lawyer has ample time to build a robust case. Furthermore, waiting too long to act can cause vital evidence to disappear or deteriorate, weakening your case. Talking to a lawyer soon after a collision also means you can recover the money you need more quickly, lessening your financial stress.

The Huntsville jackknifing truck accident attorneys at Morris, King & Hodge, P.C., are ready to be your champions in your fight for justice. Call us today or reach out online for a free case evaluation.