Author: David J. Hodge

ATV accident lawyer in huntsville

All-terrain vehicles (ATVs) are widely used for work and recreation across Alabama. Unfortunately, ATV accidents happen frequently. Drivers, passengers, and even bystanders could suffer severe and potentially catastrophic injuries. Because ATVs are almost always driven off-road, the terrain could be dangerous, leading to roll-over accidents and collisions with objects. Driver negligence is…

glyphosate roundup effect

When CBS News reported that a California jury awarded more than $2 billion in damages to a couple claiming that using the Roundup weed killer for three decades caused them to develop cancer, it was the third Roundup lawsuit that Monsanto had lost in the state within the past year….

Truck driver accident

The demands of the trucking industry have only increased in recent years due to the continued expansion of the retail industry. The success of businesses like Amazon and Walmart drives a constant need for the movement of products across the country. Unfortunately, though the demand for truck drivers has increased,…