warn act claims

Were you let go from your job as part of a mass layoff without 60 days’ advance written notice?

The Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act (WARN) was enacted by Congress in 1988 to protect employees and their communities by requiring companies with 100 or more employees to provide 60 days’ advance written notice to employees before ordering plant closings and mass layoffs.

The WARN Act defines employee broadly to include managers, supervisors, hourly wage workers, and salaried workers.

The WARN Act also requires notice to be given to employees’ representatives (i.e., labor unions), the chief elected local government official, and the state government.

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You may be entitled to money compensation!

When an employer violates the WARN act, it is liable to each employee for up to 60 days’ back pay and benefits. You may also be entitled to reasonable attorney fees as part of any judgment you receive.

What if my employer files bankruptcy?

Employees have rights under the WARN Act even when their employer files for bankruptcy, regardless of whether the bankruptcy filing was before or after the layoffs. Significantly, WARN Act claims take priority over other creditors in bankruptcy.

The wage claim judgments are taken from the employer’s bankruptcy estate.

You Pay No Up-Front Costs

We pay all up-front costs, and you pay nothing. If we win your case, we will charge a fee only out of the recovery.

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