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Were you injured in a motorcycle crash in Alabama? If a careless motorist, truck driver, or another party harmed you, you have the right to seek answers, justice, and fair compensation. At the law firm of Morris, King & Hodge, P.C., we understand the devastating impact motorcycle accidents can have on riders and their families. 

We know from experience that most motorcyclists are highly safety conscious and mindful of traffic safety because they understand the risks of an accident. Many motorcycle accidents are caused by the carelessness or negligence of others on the road. Regardless of how safe a rider you are, you cannot control the actions of other motorists on Alabama roads and highways or prevent them from acting carelessly.

Since 1966, our experienced motorcycle accident lawyers have fought for the rights of individuals hurt in Alabama. We have a proven track record of successful settlements and numerous million-dollar verdicts obtained in federal and state courts. Our experience and reputation in the community mean you can trust that our firm can handle even the most complex motorcycle accident cases.

Our highly rated attorneys and support staff are committed to providing exceptional service to each client who hires us. Our goal will be to help you get the fair compensation you need and deserve. Contact us today for a free consultation.

How Common Are Alabama Motorcycle Wrecks?

According to the Alabama Department of Transportation, 1,867 collisions involving motorcycle and moped riders resulted in 1,213 injuries and 90 fatalities in one recent year. 

The four main age groups that comprised the majority of these crashes were:

  • Riders age 20-24 – 235 crashes, 160 injuries, and six fatalities
  • Riders age 25-29 – 239 crashes, 160 injuries, and 13 fatalities
  • Riders age 30-34 – 201 crashes, 142 injuries, and 15 fatalities
  • Riders age 50-54 – 171 crashes, 104 injuries, and 13 fatalities

According to the Montgomery Independent, Alabama is the 10th deadliest state in the nation for motorcyclists. The study found 5,014 fatal motorcycle accidents in the U.S. in one recent year, and 93 occurred in Alabama.

How Our Alabama Motorcycle Injury Lawyers Can Help You

Severe injuries from motorcycle accidents in Alabama can permanently change your life. It is not unusual for motorcycle accident victims to require substantial medical care to recover from their injuries and return to normal life. Some are even less fortunate and suffer permanent injuries that could impact their lives and livelihoods.

These types of injuries affect not only motorcycle accident victims but their families as well. As motorcycle accident lawyers in Alabama, we have handled countless cases helping injured motorcyclists pursue maximum compensation for their losses related to Alabama’s motorcycle laws.

After an accident, you need to recover as soon as possible. Your family depends on you. Having an experienced motorcycle injury lawyer working on your behalf can help reduce stress so you can focus on your recovery.

Here are some ways an Alabama motorcycle accident lawyer at Morris, King & Hodge, P.C., can help you:

  • Evaluate your case and explain your options
  • Investigate and identify all parties liable for your injuries
  • Calculate the full extent of your losses
  • Deal with insurance company representatives
  • Negotiate for a fair settlement
  • File a claim in an Alabama civil court on your behalf
  • Present evidence and seek compensation at trial

We are ready to meet with you at a free consultation and evaluate your case at no cost. We can help you avoid the stress associated with dealing with insurance companies. Since our attorneys are experienced negotiators, we can begin the process of seeking settlement of your claim without going to court. But if it is the best option, we are prepared to file a lawsuit and take your case to trial to seek the full and fair compensation you deserve.