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Were Injured in a Car Accident in Alabama? Get Help from Huntsville Auto Accident Injury Attorneys

At Morris, King & Hodge, our goal is to help clients seek justice under the law after being seriously injured in a car accident. The people we represent have been seriously injured after a car crash, and are confused, in pain, and need legal assistance to seek full compensation for what occurred. Our car wreck lawyer and legal team have an extraordinary level of dedication to our clients and their cases. Over the past two years alone, our firm, together with the help of our auto injury attorney Huntsville has recovered over $30 million in damages for our clients.

We would like to speak with you about your car accident injury, if it is an uninsured car accident, how it happened, and advise you of your legal rights. We represent the injured in all types of car crash injury cases, and offer a free case review so you can get answers to your questions and concerns.

Our personal injury law firm provides help in a wide range of car accident injuries involving negligence, including the following:

  • Burn Injuries

    Vehicle injuries may involve serious or fatal burns. Burn injuries are extremely painful, and the medical treatments may require multiple surgeries. Generally, the victim is left with scars, often disfiguring. The necessary treatments may take several years to complete.

  • Whiplash and Neck Injuries

    Whiplash is not a joke. It is a painful injury that will require weeks, months or longer to resolve. Many suffer long-term problems, including headaches, vision problems, neck and back pain, and other types of pain or discomfort for years after suffering from whiplash.

  • Fractures

    A broken bone can be extremely serious, depending on the type of break and the area of the break. A simple fracture will require a few months to heal, while others may require surgeries and leave a victim with permanent impairments.

  • Airbag Injuries

    An airbag is intended to protect drivers and passengers, but in some cases, they may cause serious injuries. There are car wreck cases related to airbags that fail to deploy, unexpectedly deploy, or flying shrapnel when deployed, leaving a victim with facial and/or upper body lacerations. The recovery time can be extensive, based on the type of injury sustained in the car accident. Read more about filing a claim for an airbag injury.

  • Quadriplegic Injuries

    Damage to the spinal cord will frequently result in a lifetime of disability. The most serious type of spinal cord injury leaves the person suffering from quadriplegia (tetraplegia), and no longer able to control the body. There is no full recovery, treatment and rehab may occur for many months or years, and ongoing medical care will be needed throughout the remaining years of life. Car accident injuries that impacted the top of the spinal cord can be so extensive that the injured person will require assistance breathing. There are many health consequences beyond the lack of mobility.

  • Internal Injuries

    A car accident impact can cause serious damage to the internal organs in the body, some of which cannot be fully resolved. In a car crash, blood vessels within the body are torn or crushed, with disastrous outcomes. The body can be damaged due to loss of blood and the pressure the misplaced blood puts on the organs. These injuries require emergency surgery, blood transfusions and other treatments.

  • Back Injuries

    An injury to the back can have long term consequences, and in some cases the damage is permanent. There may be the need for a long period of rehabilitation, surgeries or other treatments, based on the degree of the injuries suffered.

  • Spinal Cord Injuries

    A spinal cord injury is often life-changing, leaving the person with permanent disabilities. In the mildest cases in which the spinal cord has been bruised, it may be possible to regain mobility. In others, there is no hope of restoring motion, and the person faces a lifetime of disability, with paraplegia or quadriplegia, and many other medical problems going forward.

  • Foot, Knee & Ankle Injuries

    Injuries to the foot, knee or ankle are extremely painful and complex to resolve. The foot has 26 bones, a quarter of the bones in the entire human body. The ankle is a complex joint, and, if damaged, often requires surgery and a long period of recovery and rehabilitation. The level of injury can vary from minor, requiring several weeks or months to heal, to severe, in which the victim requires surgery, joint replacement or other treatments.

Have you been injured in a car accident in Huntsville or Northern Alabama? We Can Help.

If you were involved in a car wreck in the Huntsville area, and are suffering the consequences of vehicle accident injuries, our auto accident lawyer at Morris, King & Hodge is ready to help you now. We have a team of four trial lawyers with outstanding reputations for excellence. Founding partner Harvey B. Morris is listed in Best Lawyers in America and Top 100 Trial Lawyers, Joe King is rated AV Preeminent® by Martindale-Hubbell®, is listed in Super Lawyers®, and in Top 100 Trial Lawyers. David J. Hodge is also listed in Super Lawyers® “Top 50,” and also in Top 100 Trial Lawyers. We go far beyond the ordinary in our commitment, legal skills and our determination to pursue justice for the injured. Call now. Are you hurt in a highway truck accident? We also have our truck accident lawyer ready to help.


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